Thursday, February 12, 2015

Curious Raccoon

Raccoon Reaches for Supernova

Curiosity is absolute human nature.  We personify the quality in cats, but our furry house guests are probably just exercising their finely tuned hunting skills.  Curiosity is you and me, human all the way.

Have you ever touched a plate just after the waiter told you it was hot... or smelled something that your trusted friend just reported stinks?

Sometimes I think that I have more of a need to fulfill my curiosity than most of my fellow humans.  I absolutely revel in my need to experience.  Touch, see, and taste whether it's rational or not.

I always eat the decorative flower on my fancy plate, I stomp the balloon because I want the experience, and I CAN.  Destroying in that tiny way makes me feel powerful.

Reach for the supernova because it's beautiful... and full of destruction.