Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Waste Not

We throw away so much food!  I've started reducing my food waste by collecting all the semi useful parts, and making it into veggie broth.  Works very well, and I'm hoping that I never have to buy broth again!

I have a large ziploc bag hanging out in my freezer.  I put in carrot tops, tomato tops, green onion tops, citrus peels, garlic tops, celery tops, pepper innards...basically anything that has nutritional, tasty bits that aren't really good for eating/recipes.

This weekend, I boiled the whole collection for 30 minutes or so...  until I cooked the color out basically.  Then I strained the whole mess, and put the broth in a pitcher.

All ready to use in recipes and all kinds of deliciousness!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shake it- Tropical & Well Rounded

I got the much talked about nutri bullet for x-mas, and I must say, I'm loving it!  It's a great quick fix for small portions.  I live on my own, so personal sized is ideal for me.

It's also the perfect solution to my skipping breakfast habit.  I also love it for those times when I'm sort of hungry, but want something super light & healthy (like after a night of drinking and/or far too many fried foods).

I'm buying more fruits and vegetables, and finding it very easy to make deliciously healthy shakes :)

This is my favorite so far!  Not exactly a recipe, more a suggested combo:

  • Pineapple (lots & lots- it's nice and sweet, plus anti-inflamatory)
  • Spinach (always a must have- turns shakes green & healthier, while not really impacting flavor)
  • Lime (whole if you have it... or just the juice)
  • Carrots (any color, I used orange.  Yum! Vitamin A)
  • Ginger (more anti-inflamatory goodness)
  • Cashews (good fats, and protein)