Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Podcast Besties

A great accompaniment to crafting, cleaning, or simply sitting with a delicious cup of coffee; podcasts honestly make life better.  If you're needing some inspirational stories, and off the beaten path knowledge try out each and every one of these podcasts.

In no particular order 

1. This American Life: This is a no-duh.  This couldn't be a real podcast list without TAL.  Totally lives up to all of the hype.

2. The Memory Palace: Cold chill inducing stories.  Nate DiMeo takes slices of history and surrounds the listener completely with all of the sounds and feelings of the memory.

3. 99% Invisible: Roman Mars pulls apart aspects of every day life to find the ooey gooey center.  It's easy to miss the design, if you're not looking for it.  This podcast helps you see it everywhere.

4. Radio Lab:  Breaks complex scientific ideas into understandable morsels.  Radio Lab has made me question the way that I understand the world around me; and I like it!

5. Backstory: This podcast delves into history by tackling a theme, and investigating where American cultural traditions came from.  Looking at the past can certainly illuminate the presence.  This is definitely the podcast that I get most excited about.  You can take it with a grain of salt; after all, I did major in history.

6. State of the Reunion: Culture on a micro-scale.  This podcast identifies communities across the US, by finding surprising hidden aspects to cities and towns.  You know how it can feel like you barely scraped the surface when you visit a place, and you think, "it would take years to really understand this place and its citizens."  I'm not promising you complete insight in an hour, but you can get pretty close!